Thank you for visiting my personal web pages. I began my academic career in 1984 after a short sprint working for Bell labs between 1982-84. I have never regretted for having chosen a professor’s life journey filled with excitements and gratefulness. Excitements propelled me to conduct research which leads to a never-ending path into the unknown, and gratefulness was derived from many days and hours spent with my students who I cherish very much. My purpose for constructing this personal website is to make it representative enough and to last for the remainder of my academic career. It only contains highlights of some of the most memorable happenings and precious moments in my academic life.

Certainly it is not a short professional endeavor since my PhD in 1982 from Northwestern. In all these years I have been fortunate enough to have served in some major capacities for the computing community. Some highlights include the Editor- in-Chief of IEEE Software from 1991-94, 2004 President of IEEE Computer Society, Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Computer from 2007-10, Standing Committee Chair for IEEE COMPSAC from 2006-15, and recently the Steering Committee Chair (2017-2022) for IEEE World Congress on Services. Through such services I have enjoyed the privilege to meet with many outstanding professionals, some are legendary folks in computing and software engineering, and many admirable colleagues. Also, through such services many of you kindly indulged me with a number of professional recognitions that made me deeply humbled. Thank you all for having enriched my life!

Dedication: My wife Jean, and my children Kathy, Wilson and Renee. I love you all.

Interested visitors please visit my complete CV. And, for that matter, I have decided to stop “bean counting”. Here is an Executive Summary (html, pdf) of my CV.

More about me

Academic Genealogy

Feel free to contact me at chang AT iastate.edu or visit B04 Atanasoff Hall.

Sustained Graduate Education & Curriculum Innovation with Worldwide Impact

Co-chaired the Joint Task Force with Peter Denning for the 2001 IEEE/ACM Model Computing Curricula (CC-2001);
Produced 40 doctoral dissertations, 33 MS theses, 150+ MS projects, and still counting. Here is the Alumni page.

Highlights of Administrative Responsibilities

Chair, Department of Computer Science (2002-13), Iowa State University;

Inaugural Director, Institute for Mobile, Pervasive, Agile Computing Technologies (IMPACT), Auburn University (2001-02);

Director, Software Engineering Lab, ISU;

Director, Smart Home Lab, ISU;

2004 President, IEEE Computer Society;

Awards & Recognitions

Life Fellow, IEEE;
Fellow AAAS;
Life Fellow, European Academy of Sciences;
medalist and awardee of major international institutions and associations

Click here for a complete list of Medals, Awards and Recognitions

My 40+ Years of Academic Research

Cross-Cutting Research in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction, Services Computing, Digital Health, Optimal Aging

Select research papers and sample research achievements as follows:
Evolutionary Software Engineering - Project Management with Genetic Algorithms
Requirements Engineering - Event-Based Traceability Model
Situation Analytics - Situ based Services Evolution
Digital Health - Mobile Health, Optimal Aging, Recognition of Activities of Daily Living

Professional Services

Life-long Contributions to the computing profession in many key roles;
Thought Provoker for the Computing Profession

Selected Professional Services:
Thought Provoker - Selected Visionary Editor’s Messages
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Software (1991-1994)
2003 President-Elect, 2004 Sitting President, 2005 Past President, IEEE Computer Society
Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Computer (2007-2010)
Chair, Standing Committee, IEEE Annual Computer Software & Applications Conference (COMPSAC; 2006-2015)
Chair, Steering Committee, IEEE World Congress on Services (2017-2022)