Pioneering research papers and Samples of research achievements

  • C. K. Chang and H. Wang, "A Slicing Algorithm of Concurrency Modeling Based on Petri Nets", Proc. IEEE International Conference on Parallel Processing, St. Charles, Illinois, August 1986, pp. 789-792.

    This is not the first paper mentioned the term “slice” of Petri net. There was a group from Germany worked on Petri net slices before 1986. However, earlier work on Petri net slices were drawn from theoretical research community focused primarily on Petri net theory. My paper is the first paper regarding Petri net as software specification from the software engineering (SE) perspective, and my method helped derive a sub-specification based on the construction of concurrency sets. There seems to be renewed interest in Petri net slicing although it is a very small research group. Recently I received request to make available of this early 1986 paper online as it has been out of print from the IEEE end.